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About MCI

Since 1986 MCI has been acting as an export global service provider for the computer industry and digital life style leader Apple. MCI insures the Apple products distribution in Africa and the French overseas territories. In charge of the Marketing, Sales, the selection and management of the Apple resellers in this zone, MCI is also responsible for the demand creation and the organisation of the after sales services. The concerned territories cover the DOM / TOM and the POM (Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Barthelemy, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Mayotte, St Pierre et Miquelon) and 43 countries spreading from Morocco in West Africa till East Africa and the Indian Ocean. MCI insures the development of the sales of the global range of Apple products (Macintosh, iPads, iPhones & iPods) through a well trained network of partners.

MCI is an SAS managed by Jihad Bou Samra. MCI is located at Orly and has its own logistics hub of more than 2000 m2. It is a subsidiary of the Midis Group comprising more than 150 companies in the world (France, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa) for a turn-over of more than 3.6 billion Dollars.

The Midis group is specialised in the implementation and distribution of new technologies in the emerging countries. ABM and APCOM, belong to the same group and provide the same services for Apple on different territories (Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, ...).

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